Mivtzoim at the New York City Marathon
Mivtzoim at the New York City Marathon 

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The upcoming New York City Marathon will IYH take place on Sunday, November 5’th. The race starts at the foot of the Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island and works its way through all five boroughs ending in Central Park. I’ve run it twice (2021 and 2022) and IYH will be running again this year. There is a Minyan tent at the start. It’s well attended and there are Chabad representatives helping people put on Tefillin before the race. Nonrunners are not allowed in the start area. Last year hundreds put on Tefillin in the tent and there were 7 Bar Mitzvahs. The oldest was 77!


About two million people come out throughout the day to watch and cheer the runners. Having run it twice I know that there are many Jews among the spectators. It’s a great opportunity for Mivtzah Tefillin and Neshek. The race starts in stages (waves) between 8:00AM and 11:30AM. Spectators start lining the streets in Brooklyn at about 9:00AM and a bit later in the other Boroughs.


Given the situation in Eretz Yisroel I think it would be a great idea to come out in force and help people put on Tefillin and do Mivtza Neshek.


Click Route Information for maps showing the route and crowd information as well as a map showing subway stops. The race starts in stages at 9:00AM until 11:30. The crowds start gathering at about 9:00AM in the Brooklyn section and a bit later further on in the route. 


Click Pick a Slot to tell me where you plan to be and the approximate times. Don't worry if a particular location is taken. In some areas all you have to do is walk 20 feet to another location. 


Another thing to bear in mind is that spectator's are not allowed on the bridges. The bridges represent about 4 miles of the route. That means there are 22 miles of spectators times two because they line both sides of the streets. So there are about 46 miles of spectators!


After the race please send me your name and mother's name and the number of people that put on Tefillin and how many Neshek you distributed. IYH I will take them to the Ohel to give the Rebbe a big Nachas Ruach.


And send some pictures and I will post them.


Shmarya Richler


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